Our Services

  • A- Works of concrete structures and buildings

    B- Works of steel structure for all premises whether they are stores, buildings, parking areas and others.

    for all premises including villas, investment and trading buildings, complexes, stores and malls, etc.. and all necessary works of drilling, backfilling, concrete and blocks building with all types.

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  • All works of finishing including:

    • Works of internal and external survey and sigma.
    • Works of painting.
    • Works of porcelain and ceramic for toilets, kitchens and flooring.
    • Works of decoration of ceilings of any type.
    • Works of aluminum for windows, doors and glass frontages.
    • Works of carpentry for wooden doors and cupboards and any decoration works in ceiling or cladding walls with wood with all types.
    • Works of steel – krtital for trails and frontages.
    • Works of marble for stairs and internal and external cladding.
    • Cladding for frontages with any type as per the layout approved by the owner,

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  • The mechanical and electrical services

    • Works of sanitary for all premises and projects.
    • Works of electricity for all premises and projects.
    • Works of a/c and mechanical ventilation for all premises and projects.
    • Works of firefighting by subcontractors who are deemed followed by the company.
    • Works of the decoration for shops and malls including all necessary items and as per the layout approved by the owner.
    • Giving instructions and directions to the property owners to select the engineering office for their own projects cooperating with them in case of making engineering designs and layouts by them or to join

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  • Decor Work

    The design and the license of the contracting contact providing that approving all phases of designing by the owner before the license.

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